The GEC farm!

Did you know that our Giraffe Education Centre’s (GEC) secondary students all receive a cursory level of agricultural study in Form 1 which then becomes optional at higher level forms?  We have a small agricultural plot used for practical study located on rented property next to GEC - near a small town, Joska, south-east of … Continue reading The GEC farm!

Photo by Martin Olsen on Unsplash

Eric’s dream for the future

Having passed my high school national exam, I automatically received admission to Moi university, a public university located in Eldoret, a small town in the north rift of Kenya, to study for a four-year bachelor’s degree in Business Management majoring in the management of sports. Now I am in my last year and must say it really … Continue reading Eric’s dream for the future

Sponsorship – does it work?

Sponsors get a great deal out of the relationship with their sponsored child — but sponsorship has its critics too. The Giraffe Project works primarily through direct financial support of individual children by individual sponsors. For the sponsor, this brings a close, personal connection with a specific individual that they (often as a family) can genuinely and consistently … Continue reading Sponsorship – does it work?