Who, by worrying, can add…

Yesterday was a battle.  I upset someone I like; received news that a friend has health problems; re-planned a major project for the umpteenth time; was given feedback that our top brass isn’t happy and was taken to task in no uncertain terms by someone I hardly know.

Have you noticed how bad even the traffic and trains become on days like that?

Returning to a providentially empty house (apart from our two greyhounds, sleeping on their backs like dead spiders… on the sofas!) I have to admit that my thoughts didn’t turn to that wise advice in Matthew’s gospel, “Who of you by worrying, can add a single hour to his life?”.  Instead, I stewed for a while, basting indulgently in my own juices.

If you’re like me, take comfort.  Apparently, this may be normal, (which is not the same, of course, as saying that it’s good).

The reason I say that is that I recently heard of a survey where senior managers and middle managers were asked to describe their feelings about work.  I’m told that the middle managers described them in almost military terms, “It’s a war…, it’s a jungle out there”.  In contrast, the seniors simply said, “It’s a game.”

It’s a small relief to see how perfectly I fit with my peers.


Author: Ian

I'm a passionate supported of the Giraffe project, passionate believer in the Christian Gospel. Blessed husband and proud Dad of three kids.

2 thoughts on “Who, by worrying, can add…”

  1. Take a leaf our of Bob and Ollie’s book…. just one look at Kas flat on his back by the fire, quietly purring – not a care in the world and I feel better (a couple of dry Martinis help too – but you’d have to leave out the alcohol which kind of misses the point). Anyway, what i find good is to remember what I was worrying about 2 years ago… it seems so irrelevant now (the work stuff that is…). In case you are dropping from shock that I am here.. it’s my ‘time to log on to that damned Mac that nico said I would never use’ day! Too wet to plant bulbs (gardening is good for putting things into perspective too – so is watching bluetits).

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