RedbirdsC. was the little girl whose mother left to find work in another country leaving her children behind. You can read her story in the Poster Girl blog.

What I didn’t say was that C. had an older sister, also part of the Giraffe programme, and at the time all this was going on, she was at a secondary boarding school.  We’ll call her R.

When her mother left, R. became so distraught about C. being home alone that her grades dropped to the point where she was going to have to leave school.  In a desperate bid to help the situation, this young lady became friendly with an older man who gave her a phone.

Thankfully, the situation went no further, but the subterfuge worried R. immensely, and so we discovered what had happened.  Our Kenyan team found someone to look after C., so that R. could concentrate on her studies and get her grades – which she did.

R. finished school and was offered a place on the college programme.  By this time her Mum had returned and was looking after C., but was unable to find work.  Last December, R. found a job waitressing, a job that pays well and through which she can support her Mum and sister C.

She has turned down her place in college, a sacrifice she was prepared to make to support her family.

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