Behind the scenes

C. was the little girl whose mother left to find work in another country leaving her children behind. You can read her story in the Poster Girl blog. What I didn't say was that C. had an older sister, also part of the Giraffe programme, and at the time all this was going on, she … Continue reading Behind the scenes


Sponsorship – does it work?

Sponsors get a great deal out of the relationship with their sponsored child — but sponsorship has its critics too. The Giraffe Project works primarily through direct financial support of individual children by individual sponsors. For the sponsor, this brings a close, personal connection with a specific individual that they (often as a family) can genuinely and consistently … Continue reading Sponsorship – does it work?

Poster girl…

I want to introduce you to some of the people who have inspired us at Giraffe.  So meet C, having her photo taken outside her school. She smiles and gives a thumbs up, a little bundle of giggles and mischief. Out of shot, her teacher stands, a reassuring presence, but C doesn't need any reassurance. … Continue reading Poster girl…